Top nigerian job search sites

Top 13 Nigerian Job Search Websites for latest Jobs in Nigeria

They are currently the most visited as at the time of publishing this post and doesn’t mean they are the best.



how to take a job interview

Preparing for an interview

Research information and learn about the company Know the particular job(s) you are applying for Measure your qualification for the job. Do they match?

Go straight to the point, briefly states your experience and relate them with the job

Prepare for questions like ‘’why should I employ you?’’ ‘’why are you interested in this position?’’ and also know your SWOT analysis. Do not forget to practice

Personal Appearance

Be smart and well groomed

Dress properly

Remember not smoke prior the interview and do not chew gum


The interview

Be on time, you can be early but never too early

Try to know your interviewer’s name and greet with firm handshake

Greet and use courtesy with every one you come in contact with

Do not be stressed relax and answer every question briefing by going straight to the point

Brush up your English language, do not use slangs

Cooperate with the interviewer and be enthusiastic

Show off your body language to show your interest.

Eye contact is very important

Ask questions; do not just agree with everything they mention.

Questions about the position company and so on but do not ask silly or easy to find questions.

Do not go asking about the wages and benefit Remember to thank and shake hands with the interviewer at the end of the interview You can also send a very short thank you note after the interview

Information to bring to an interview

Prove of right to work in South Africa

Driver’s license

CV/ application form if required, if not be prepared to make your qualification, training and employment histories and experiences known to your interviewer.

Recomendations: Make sure your references already know that you are using them, trust them and do not use relatives. Transcripts are not always asked for, but some employers might ask for them.

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